Protecting the Environment

LandfillDisposing of waste to landfill is now controlled much more than in the past, but it is still harmful to the environment. The government are constantly updating legislation to restrict the materials that can be buried in landfill sites to reduce the damaging effects to the environment and encourage recycling.

Landfill operators now have to adhere to very strict guidelines and must plan for the restoration of the site area once its operations cease. In general operators are very conscious of their responsibilities and honour their commitment to regenerate the environment, but there are still many restrictions on the possibilities for the use of the land after it has been used as a waste disposal site. The release of harmful gases has to be controlled and monitored and the land would not be suitable for development for many years as it would not be stable enough to support any kind of structure.

CountrysideThere are only a limited amount of locations in the country suitable to be used as landfill sites for social and geological reasons as landfill sites must not be located in areas where leachate seepage may occur, contaminating water courses that would end up in our domestic supply. Most of the waste we all throw away can be recycled and it is our responsibility to ensure that it is recycled, minimising harmful effects to the environment and maximising our natural resources.